DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Kit Bundle with 4K Camera Gimbal, 3 DJI Batteries and Accessories (11 Items)

Factory warranty from DJI. Warranty length varies for each part, check the link and click on”Warranty Period of Main Parts” for details: (2) The Bundle Kit which includes:

28 minute maximum flight time, maximum control range of 3.1mi (5km). Maximum speed of 44mph (72kmh).

1x DJI Phantom 4 Aircraft

3x DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries

1x Remote Controller W/ Mobile Device Holder

1x 100W Battery charger for both Flight battery and remote controller

2 Sets (4 Pairs, 8 pieces) of props

1x 16GB Micro SD Card (come installed on the copter)

1x 64GB SD Card (Ultra High Speed 1 rating card, records up to 2.5 hours of 4K Video)

1x USB 3.0 SD Card Reader (For video/photo transfer)

1x Surmik Drone Care Kit Pro (Includes Air Blower Cleaner, Lens Cloth, Lens Wet Cloth Pack, Cleaning Brush, Empty Spray Bottle etc)

1x Surmik Aerial Remote Controller Neck Strap

1x Parabolic Antenna Reflector (Can be silver or gold color, ship based on availability)

1x Mobile Device Extension Holder for Large Tablets (You can only fit a tablet up to iPad Air 2 size in the factory holder)